(Santa Barbara, CA).  Oxford Instruments Asylum Research announces the release of the HVA150 – high voltage accessory for the Jupiter XR atomic force microscope (AFM). HVA150 expands the bias range that can be used during AFM experiments up to ±150 V, allowing for advanced AFM characterization of piezoelectric & ferroelectrics materials, 2D materials and thin […]

For the correlative analysis of Raman, AFM, AFM-Raman, cathodoluminescence and fluorescence data and microscopy images (optical, scanning probe microscopy, electron microscopy) Palaiseau, Saclay Campus, France, and Besançon, France World leader in Raman microscopy and nanoscopy, HORIBA Scientific and Digital Surf, creator of the Mountains® software platform for image and surface analysis in microscopy and metrology, […]

SPECS regrets to interrupt its business activities with immediate effect At SPECS we have a responsibility and obligation, aligned with other global businesses, to respond to the Russian government’s ongoing military attack on Ukraine. The scientific family is a truly global family devoted to peace and the scientific merit to make the world a better […]

Novel, high-performance JPK NanoWizard V enables new dynamic mechanobiology research capabilities with option for seamless optical microscope integration BERLIN — Bruker today announced the release of the JPK NanoWizard® V BioAFM, a novel system that marks a milestone in automation and ease of use for life science atomic force microscopy research. NanoWizard V is a very fast, automated […]

Invizo 6000: The 3D Atom Probe with the largest field of view The Invizo 6000 3D Atom Probe microscope introduces major technology breakthroughs to push the boundaries of atom probe analysis. Its ultra wide field of view flight path and unique dual-beam deep UV laser pulse system result in higher single-specimen yield and a greater […]

We are very happy to announce that we have a new sales and service partner in Poland. We are very pleased to have found a new distribution partner in Poland with Sygnis Nano Technologies. The Sygnis Group has impressively fast made a name for itself in the fields of 3D printing, Industry 4.0 and biotechnology over […]

Santa Barbara, CA — Oxford Instruments Asylum Research is pleased to announce a redesigned eStore for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) probes. Our updated on-line probes eStore now makes it easier and more efficient to find the ideal probes for your research by offering curated probe selections by application and measurement type as well as by […]

AXT have a strong commitment to the microscopy community and are always looking out for new and innovative products that can enhance microscopy research and workflows. The recent addition of NenoVision’s in situ AFM for SEMs certainly fits this requirement providing correlative imaging and analyses. The NanoOne 2PP microfabrication system. LiteScope from NenoVision is an elegant AFM […]

Central Scientific Commerce, Inc. (CSC) and Cytosurge AG partner to distribute Cytosurge’s FluidFM OMNIUM system for unprecedented single cell research in the Japanese market Zurich | We are delighted to announce our collaboration with CSC, a well-established and renowned Japanese organization specialized in the distribution of systems for life science research. Within this partnership, CSC […]

Park Systems, the fastest growing manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) just announced Park FX40, a groundbreaking autonomous atomic force microscope, infused with innovative robotics, intelligent learning features, safety mechanisms, AI based software and specialized add-ons. Park FX40 Atomic Force Microscope is the first AFM to autonomously execute all up-front set up and scanning processes, […]