NGS library prep that just works UNITED KINGDOM — Tecan has launched the MagicPrep NGS, an automated benchtop library preparation system that transforms time-consuming and error-prone procedures into a simple, robust experience. MagicPrep NGS system performs true ‘load and go’ DNA-Seq and mRNA-Seq library preparation. With proven liquid handling technology, all-inclusive reagent kits, and an intuitive […]

Industry Seasoned Executive Joins Cytek FREMONT, Calif. — Cytek Biosciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTKB), a leading cell analysis solutions company, today announced the appointment of Todd Garland as Chief Commercial Officer, Cytek Biosciences, Inc. Garland’s appointment is effective immediately, reporting directly to Dr. Wenbin Jiang, Chairman and CEO of Cytek Biosciences. “I have long admired Cytek’s […]

Improved Gentleness and Truly Simultaneous Multi-Color Imaging with ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7 Jena, Germany | ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions Today, ZEISS releases the next generation of ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7. The microscope system was introduced to the market in December 2020 and opened up a new way for researchers to explore the dynamics of life […]

Industrializing the analysis of imaging assays across R&D organizations with advanced data QC workflows and scalable, flexible deployment options Basel, Switzerland — Genedata, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for biopharma R&D, today announced the availability of Genedata Imagence® 5.0. The latest version of the Bio-IT World award-winning platform has been developed in close collaboration […]

— Gene to Antibody Production Workflow Enables Customers to Turn Digital DNA Sequences into Purified IgG Antibodies — SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. —  Twist Bioscience Corporation (NASDAQ: TWST), a company enabling customers to succeed through its offering of synthetic DNA using its silicon platform, today announced the launch of the Twist High Throughput Antibody Production, […]

SEATTLE — TwinStrand Biosciences, Inc., the pioneer and developer of duplex sequencing, today announced the appointment of Goran Pljevaljcic, Ph.D. as Chief Commercial Officer. Dr. Pljevaljcic brings a successful track-record of commercial leadership in the genomics industry to TwinStrand, including experience building and managing clinical and research products through all stages of commercialization. “TwinStrand is […]

World leader in genomic analysis is licensing Allelica’s software to provide its customers with the industry’s most advanced tools for polygenic risk score analysis research and reporting NEW YORK — Allelica, a leading genomics software company that develops digital tools to develop, validate and calculate PRS for common diseases, announced that Illumina, a leading developer and […]

TeselaGen Biotechnology announced today the release of its Community Edition, a powerful, easy-to-use version of its popular Design Module within the TeselaGen® Operating System for biotechnology. The free, cloud-based software gives access to previously unavailable tools for designing DNA constructs. SAN FRANCISCO — TeselaGen Biotechnology announced today the release of its Community Edition, a powerful, easy-to-use version of […]

Vienna – Lexogen, a transcriptomics and Next-Generation Sequencing company today announced the release of the new CORALL RNA-Seq V2 whole transcriptome library prep kit. Whole-transcriptome analysis with RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) is at the cutting edge of NGS capabilities and allows to determine RNA molecules in a sample at the moment of sampling. The transcriptome is a […]