In 2013, R&D spending in Spain totaled €13,012 million ($17,349 million), down 2.8%. R&D accounted for 1.2% of GDP, a drop of three-hundredths of a percentage point. The business sector performed 53% of R&D. Higher education, public administration and private nonprofits performed 28%, 19% and less than 1%, respectively. Business, higher education and public administration reduced their R&D expenditures by 2.6%, 1.8% and 4.7%, respectively. The business sector funded 46% of R&D, followed by public administration, foreign sources, higher education and private nonprofits, at 42%, 7%, 4% and 1%, respectively. R&D services; professional, scientific and technical activities (aside from R&D services); pharmaceuticals and chemicals accounted for 21%, 9%, 8% and 4% of total R&D expenditures, respectively.

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística

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