Sample Preparation

Company Announcements

In March, ImmunoReagents announced a strategic alliance to market ProteoVec’s PV-Pure Ig microscale antibody purification kits for binding a wide range of recombinant monoclonal and human/animal-source polyclonal immune globulins. The product is based on chromatographic purification resin to which an advanced peptidomimetic ligand is affixed.

In April, Pressure BioSciences entered into a collaboration agreement with Southern University at New Orleans for the detection of DNA in forensic samples.

PerkinElmer announced that its chemagic research instrumentation and kits are now available with a version of the Covaris truXTRAC FFPE DNA microTUBE Kit that is optimized to work with the chemagic.

Product Introductions

Covaris launched in December 2014 the truXTRAC FFPE RNA kit, designed for clinical labs.

In February, MP Biomedicals introduced the MPure-12 System, an automated platform for the magnetic bead–based purification of nucleic acids.

In March, Phenomenex extended its Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction sorbent line to include tube formats.

Horizon Technology released the SPE-DEX 3100 Oil & Grease Extractor System, featuring new graphical software.

Berghof launched the speedwave Entry microwave digestion system, with digestion vessels that can be opened and closed manually without the need for special tools.

Bioline, a Meridian Bioscience company, introduced the ISOLATE II miRNA, Plant miRNA, Biofluids RNA, RNA/DNA/Protein and the FFPE RNA/DNA kits based on silica-membrane spin column technology.

Medicina Genomics released the SenSATIVAx microbial DNA purification kit for cannabis, which uses magnetic micro-particles to isolate and purify plant and microbial DNA from a raw homogenized sample.

In April, Microfluidics launched the LM10 Microfluidizer for small sample material processing for targeted size reduction at lower peak pressure.

EMD Millipore introduced the all-in-one Magna ChIRP (Chromatin Isolation by RNA Purification) RNA Interactome Kits for the identification, recovery and analysis of regions of chromatin that interact with chromatin-associated RNAs, such as IncRNA. It employs a multiprobe-based capture strategy.

In May, Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics launched in the US the ExoComplete 96-Well Plate Kit and ExoComplete Tube Kit for exosome collection to mRNA purification. They utilize a proprietary filter material.

MO BIO Laboratories introduced the PowerMag DNA Clean-Up Kit for DNA samples that require a secondary purification for removal of PCR inhibitors.

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