Sample Preparation

Company Announcements

Horizon Discovery named Tegent Scientific as its exclusive distributor for China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Alpaqua Engineering signed a distribution agreement in October 2014 with NimaGen for the EU and certain neighboring countries for magnet plates and accessories.

Pressure BioSciences signed a three-year, exclusive distribution agreement with Powertech Technology for China.

AutoGen named LGC as its new European distributor.

Product Introductions

MP Biomedicals introduced in September 2014 the FastPrep-24 5G for the lysis of difficult and resistant biological samples.

Bertin introduced the Precellys Evolution biological-sample homogenizer, featuring new ergonomics and a shortened grinding time.

Biotage launched in October 2014 the Extrahera automated system for the processing of SLE and SPE methods in both plate and column formats.

Phenomenex introduced the Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction sorbent, a synthetic alternative to traditional diatomaceous-earth SLE. It can be used with the same procedure as traditional SLE sorbents with improved lot-to-lot reproducibility.

In November 2014, MO BIO Laboratories launched the PowerMag Blood DNA/RNA Isolation Kit for automated purification of nucleic acids from blood samples.

R-Biopharm introduced the RIDA CREST immunoaffinity automation platform, which incorporates Spark Holland’s Symbiosis online sample-preparation platform for the automation of mycotoxin analysis.

In January, the Chromatrap business unit of Porvair Sciences released solid state ChIP kits for chromatin preparation for qPCR analysis in under five hours.

GEA Niro Soavi introduced the PandaPLUS 2000 homogenizer for nanoemulsions and cell disruption. It operates at 1–2,000 bar.

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