More than 60 authors from the academic and industrial sectors have published a science and technology road map in the journal Nanoscale for graphene, related to 2-D crystals, other 2-D materials and hybrids. The authors are members of the Graphene Flagship, an international research initiative formed to take graphene from labs and into European society over the next 10 years. The road map provides guidance for the next decade and beyond on developing products based on graphene and related materials. It calls for identifying new layered materials and the means for their industrial production, formulating concepts for new devices based on 2-D materials and developing component technologies. The road map names 11 science and technology areas, with time lines for each. The areas are: fundamental science, health and environment, production, electronic devices, spintronics, photonics and optoelectronics, sensors, flexible electronics, energy conversion and storage, composite materials and biomedical devices.

Source: Graphene Flagship

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