Process Analysis

Company Announcements

Aqua Metrology Systems, a provider of on-line trihalomethane monitoring for drinking-water applications, acquired TraceDetect, a trace-metals–analysis and –monitoring equipment company, in December 2014.

Finesse Solutions opened an office in Shanghai, China, in January.

In February, Dutch firm microLAN announced the acquisition of Austria-based mbOnline, enabling microLAN to offer a full range of fully automated on-line monitoring devices to detect algae, bacteria and chemical pollutants.

In March, Sartorius Stedim Biotech entered into a development cooperation agreement with em-tec, which provides noninvasive flow-engineering solutions for accurate measurement of flow rates and mass balances. The companies will jointly develop single-use components that Sartorius will exclusively market and distribute under the BioPATflow brand.

Product Introductions

ZEISS introduced in December 2014 the ZEISS Corona NIR process spectrometer, covering the spectral range of 380–1,650 nm. It features ZEISS ProcessAssist, a new comprehensive package of intelligent assistance systems.

Ionicon launched the “fastGC” module for its PTR-TOF MS instrument.

SEMI-GAS introduced the Compact Data Monitor (CDM), the next-generation GigaGuard controller for process-instrumentation monitoring of semiautomatic ultrahigh-purity gas source systems. It provides eight configurable analog and digital sensor inputs.

In January, JDSU launched the MicroNIR spectrometer for process analytical technology applications. The ultracompact system covers 950–1,650 nm wavelengths.

Mettler-Toledo launched the ReactIR in situ sampling technology for use in batch and continuous-reaction conditions in lab and production environments. The products consist of the DST Fiber Conduit, the DST Series AgX Fiber Conduit, the K4 Conduit to Sentinel, the DS Micro Flow Cell and the DST Fiber to Gas Cell.

Servomex introduced the SERVOTOUGH MiniLaser OXY, calling it the smallest cross-stack tunable diode laser gas analyzer. It is optimized for oxygen measurements.

In February, AMETEK Process Instruments released the Model 888, its third-generation hydrogen sulfide/sulfur dioxide tail-gas analyzer, with advances for control of the Claus sulfur-recovery process.

Umetrics released SIMCA 14, which includes support for Unicode and new time-saving features.

In March, Symbion Systems introduced the MA-5000 Series Application-Specific Spectroscopic Sensors. Available spectral ranges are from UV to NIR.

Axiom Analytical released the FC Series components for user-configurable spectroscopic transmission sampling systems, including the FCP-300 Optical Probes.

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