Process Analysis

Company Announcements

BlueSens gas sensor and TRACE Analytics established in March the ABS Analytical Bioprocess Solutions network for PAT sensors.

Environnement 2014 sales grew 16.3% to €62.1 million ($82.8 million). Operating income increased 53.3% to €6.9 million ($9.2 million). Export sales rose 9.1% to make up 65% of sales. Asian sales grew 17%, and US sales rose 42%.

Endress+Hauser opened a Colombian subsidiary in April, acquiring the process automation business of sales and service partner Colstein. Of Colsein’s 250 employees, nearly a third work in the process automation business.

In June, Cemtrex agreed to distribute Prozess Technologie’s Reveal process analyzer product lines.

Product Introductions

Galvanic Applied Sciences introduced the AccuChrom GC system, its third-generation Btu and hydrocarbon analyzer.

ASL Analytical introduced in March the RTBio 1000 CHO Bioprocess Monitor for the real-time measurement of chemical levels for glucose and lactate.

Cemtrex introduced in March the IS 2500 Multi Gas Analyzer, an in situ NDIR Analyzer for continuous emissions monitoring applications.

Bruker introduced InsightMR software for online NMR analysis of chemical processes.

Mettler-Toledo launched Intelligent Sensor Management technology and Sensors That Learn, a digital platform for analytical sensors that increases process reliability, simplifies handling and reduces maintenance.

For its Siprocess GA700 gas analysis system, in April, Siemens launched the Ultramat 7 module for measurement of up to two IR-active compounds and the Calomat 7 module for measurement of hydrogen and noble gases in binary or quasi-binary gas mixtures.

In May, Yokogawa Electric released the TDLS8000 tunable diode laser spectrometer for in situ measurements of gas concentrations in combustion and heating processes. It succeeds the TDLS200.

Yokogawa Electric introduced the SensTation pH/ORP measurement system that combines SENCOM pH/ORP sensors and SMARTDAC+ data acquisition and control systems, eliminating the need for a pH/ORP transmitter and allowing for the connection to up to 16 sensors.

JP3 Measurement released the Verax VPA in-line, field-deployable optical vapor pressure analyzer for condensate and crude oil.

In June, Tornado Spectral Systems launched the HyperFlux P.R.O. Plus: Process Raman Online, featuring a newly redesigned High Throughput Virtual Slit.

AP2E introduced the ProCeas H2 Trace Analyzer for measuring hydrogen in the IR down to 3 ppm using resonant cavity laser spectroscopy.

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