Oligo Firm Acquired

West Chester, PA 1/10/19—Chiral Technologies, a provider of enantioselective chromatography and a DAICEL subsidiary, has purchased Arbor Biosciences (formerly MYcroarray) for an undisclosed amount. Arbor Biosciences offers oligonucleotide pools, including the myBaits targeted sequencing panels and services, as well as  gene-editing and other prodcts for protein expression in synthetic biology applications. “As we diversify our product portfolio to serve the needs of biopharma, Arbor Biosciences delivers the molecular biology foundation to fuel that growth,” said Chiral Technologies President Joseph Barendt, PhD.

Chiral Technologies currently serves the drug discovery, development and manufacturing markets, but now the company is expanding beyond its base in chiral stationary phases and columns to DNA. In its latest medium-term plan, announced in 2017, DAICEL specified healthcare and medical systems as a priority as part of investments in new business units. The company specifically cited expanded consumables offerings as a goal. For the year ended March 31, 2018, revenues for DAICEL’s Organic Chemicals business, of which Chiral Technologies is a part, increased 17.7% to ¥82.0 billion ($743 million at ¥110.35 = $1)

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