Company Announcements

Under a commercial supply agreement announced in February, MRM Proteomics granted Cambridge Isotope Laboratories (CIL) exclusive rights to its PeptiQuant kits for quantitative proteomics, including its Stable Isotope Standards as part of the kits, which CIL will distribute. The first Biomarker Assessment Kit allows for 76 proteins to be quantitated in a single experiment.

In March, SCIEX announced a research collaboration with Labor Berlin for the development of a hybrid Q-TOF MS/MS reference library of relevant forensic chemical compounds.

SCIEX announced that Advaita Bioinformatics, the Institute for Systems Biology and researchers at Yale University each developed cloud-based applications and libraries that utilize SWATH Proteomics data as part of SCIEX and Illumina’s OneOmics project (see IBO 10/31/14). The SCIEX SWATH Proteomics Cloud Tool Kit suite of applications was released in March.

SCIEX signed an exclusive reseller agreement for Mass Consortium’s XCMSplus software for metabolomics.

Protein Metrics and SCIEX agreed to comarket their respective Byomap and Byologic software, and TripleTOF MS instruments for biotherapeutic development.

908 Devices announced strategic partnership agreements with seven distributors in Europe and Australia.

Microsaic announced an OEM supply agreement with GE Healthcare for sale of its 4000 MiD MS unit in combination with GE Healthcare instruments. The product is expected to launch in 2016.

Protea Biosciences’ Imaging and Bioanalytical Library formed a scientific collaboration with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to study the occupational hazards of the inhalation of aerosols during welding and electronic manufacturing.

Under a value-added reseller agreement, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Thermo Scientific MS systems can now be purchased with Prosolia’s PaperSpray technology. Prosolia’s Velox 360 device is an automated sample handler and ionization source for MS.

Product Introductions

Biognosys released in August the Sample Preparation Kit, enabling the processing of 50 cell-culture or plasma samples for all MS proteomics measurements.

Agena Bioscience introduced the LungFUSION Panel for use with its MassARRAY system for the identification of oncogenic ALK, RET and ROS1 gene fusions in non–small cell lung cancer tumors.

Advion introduced the Plate Express, an automated software-controlled system to directly analyze TLC plates and other planar surfaces by MS. It can visually pinpoint and extract compounds from a range of TLC plate formats into Advion’s expression compact MS. An array of extraction heads is available.

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