Molecular Spectroscopy

Company Announcements

In January, color measurement system provider X-Rite, a Danaher company, named Odak Kimya as its sole distributor for Turkey.

Princeton Instruments, a manufacturer of scientific cameras and spectroscopy equipment, appointed in January Te Lintelo Systems as a distributor for the Benelux Union (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg).

In February, WITec established an office in France, located in Lyon.

In March, Bruker announced a collaboration with MilliporeSigma resulting in the development of a certified reference material tailored to qNMR that is the basis of Bruker’s new Quantitative Performance Qualification (qPQ) test.


Product Introductions

In January, Anton Paar introduced the 5000 Wine system, calling it the company’s first FTIR analyzer. The system determines more than 13 characteristic values of wines or must.

Anton Paar debuted in February the handheld, 1.5 lb (0.68 kg) Cora 100 Raman spectrometer, designed to be compatible with all major decontamination techniques.

PG Instruments released in January the new Micro UV/Vis spectrophotometer for use with 0.5–2 μl of sample. A new function is bacterium cell concentration measurement in a cuvette.

In January, Modern Water launched the Microtox LX for the biological monitoring of water using bioluminescent bacteria, replacing the Microtox M500 analyzer. New features include actively cooled reagents, read and sample wells and a touchscreen tablet.

In February, Pendar Technologies released the handheld PendarX10 Raman system for chemical detection, allowing for a standoff distance of up to 3 feet with no laser eye-safety protection.

Magritek launched in February a new Spinsolve Autosampler for its desktop NMR system, which enables the measurement of up to 20 samples in any order.

In March, Bruker released new NMR qualification solutions and GxP readiness kit, including software, for use with NMR and EPR in regulated markets. The new qPQ test is now incorporated within the Bruker AssureSST. The company also introduced AutoCalibrate, an imbedded tool in the IconNMR automation software that determines the optimal settings for key NMR parameters, logs results and monitors changes.

AMETEK Spectro Scientific launched in March an expanded cloud-based TruVu 360 Enterprise Fluid Intelligence Platform for oil analysis consisting of two standalone versions, theTruVu 360 Basic and TruVu 360 Pro. The system is for use with a Spectro Scientific MiniLab on-site oil analysis system for a single user.

In March, WITec debuted the ParticleScout particle analysis tool for its alpha300 Raman microscope series. The company stated that the integration of a particle analysis tool with a Raman database is unique.

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