Molecular Spectroscopy

Company Announcements

Cobalt Light Systems opened a US subsidiary in Reston, Virginia, in November 2014.

FOSS 2014 revenues declined 2.2% but grew more than 2% organically to DKK 1.72 billion ($306.4 million) (see page 12).

In March, ANDalyze named VWR as a distributor of its DNAzyme-based heavy metal–testing products.

Product Introductions

Konica Minolta announced in January that this summer it will introduce the FD-9 Auto-Scanning Spectrophotometer for the printing industry. It is capable of measuring a color chart for profile creation in about four minutes.

DeNovix launched the DS-11 FX+ spectrophotometer/fluorometer for quantification of nucleic acids and proteins.

LEAP Technologies introduced customized automation for Magritek’s Spinsolve benchtop NMR using its PAL platform.

PerkinElmer launched in February Adulterant Screen software for its FT-IR and NIR spectroscopy instruments for confirming authenticity and performing nutritional analysis in a single step.

In March, X-Rite introduced the Ci7800 and Ci7600 spherical bench top spectrophotometers for accurate measurement of color across the supply chain.

Ocean Optics launched the Spark-VIS spectral sensor, available in OEM and stand-alone configurations, calling it “the first Ocean Optics spectral device to replace traditional diffraction gratings with a solid state optical encoder.”

Bruker released a new FoodScreener Module for NMR-based profiling of honey for targeted and nontargeted analyses.

In April, Bruker introduced the EMXnano benchtop EPR system for a wide range of applications, including quantitative EPR.

Bruker launched the ultrahigh-speed MAS (magic-angle spinning) probe, a 111 kHz MAS probe with 0.7 mm sample diameter and a sample volume of 500 nL, and the new MAS III controller.

Bruker introduced its next generation GHz NMR technology. New features include novel high-dimensionality and fast-acquisition NMR methods, 3 mm TCI CryoProbe for GHz-class indirect experiments and triple-gradient 5 mm CryoProbes.

McPherson introduced a new VUVAS CCD-UV absorbance spectrophotometer for faster data acquisition.

CRAIC Technologies introduced in March the 20/30 XL Film Thickness Measurement Tool for measurements in both transmission and reflectance modes.

TSI introduced the handheld, Raman-based PolyMax Plastics Analyzer for identification of light and dark plastics.

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