Materials Characterization

Company Announcements

Biolin Scientific 2014 revenues grew 9.1% to SEK 215 million ($31.3 million). EBITA rose 52.4% to SEK 32 million ($5 million).

Spectris disclosed in its 2014 financial filing that it acquired MicroCal Biosensors (see IBO 6/15/14) for £28.7 million ($47.0 million) and Affinity Biosensors for £9.6 million ($16 million), including £0.7 million ($1.1 million) in contingent consideration.

Product Introductions

PAC released in December IRIS Software 2.0 advanced lab-instrument data-integration software, featuring ease-of-use enhancements and greater compatibility with LIMS.

Micromeritics introduced the ASAP 2020 Plus, which integrates a variety of automated gas-sorption techniques.

In March, MTS Systems introduced the MTS Exceed Testing Systems for materials testing by a wider range of customers via focused applications and increased breadth of accessories.

Spectro Scientific added a water-measurement solution to its FluidScan analyzer.

Quantachrome launched the ChemStar chemisorption and reactivity analyzer, which features fully automated flow capabilities.

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