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Company Announcements

NanoString Technologies signed a multiyear, multi-investigator research collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital to accelerate the translation of genomic biomarker discoveries into clinical cancer diagnostics. NanoString retains the right to license diagnostic content developed within the scope of the collaboration.

Affymetrix exclusively licensed technology from Peptide Groove that enables HLA typing of human samples from genotyping data generated from a variety of assays, including its Axiom genotyping assays.

BioNano Genomics completed a $53 million Series C financing in November 2014.

OncoSec announced in December 2014 a collaboration with the University of California, Los Angeles and PerkinElmer to develop biomarker tests to evaluate a patient’s immune response to cancer. The project will use PerkinElmer’s imaging-based staining methods.

Oxford Gene Technology sales grew 27.7% to £15.2 million ($25.3 million) for the year ending September 30, 2014. Commercial sales grew 54.5% to £11.9 million ($19.8 million).

Product Introductions

Cleaver Scientific introduced in October 2014 the COMPAC-50 High Throughput COMET Assay system for the simultaneous electrophoresis of up to 50 COMET Assay slides.

MyCartis launched the Evalution multiplex biomarker-analysis platform.

Gyros introduced the Gyrolab Protein A Kit for use with the Gyrolab xP workstation.

Precision Biosystems launched the BlotCycler for processing up to 12 Western Blots simultaneously.

Oxford Gene Technology released the CytoSure Medical Research Exome Array.

Mediso introduced the MultiScan LFER 150 PET/CT for research applications in clinical and preclinical imaging, including brain research.

Syngene released the T:Genius imaging system for imaging of gels and blots, with access from a tablet, computer or smartphone.

Pall ForteBio introduced a Dip and Read Anti-CHO Host Cell Protein Detection (HCP) Kit for quantitation of residual HCPs, which takes around an hour to analyze 96 samples.

Merck Millipore introduced in November 2014 the SNAP i.d. 2.0 Protein Detection System for immunohistochemistry, enabling parallel processing of up to 24 tissue slides at a time.

Affymetrix launched Concurrent Molecular Analysis Profiling capability as part of its Chromosome Analysis Suite 3.0. It combines and correlates whole-genome copy-number data with mRNA and miRNA data.

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