Company Announcements

Dassault Systèms announced that 2014 revenue for its BIOVIA brand (formerly Accelrys) increased around 5% excluding currency effects. New license revenue rose more than 20% excluding currency effects.

GenoLogics opened a new office in Redwood City, California, in February.

Dotmatics joined the Pistoia Alliance.

In March, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and LifeMap Solutions launched a large-scale medical research study using Apple’s ResearchKit framework, enabling asthma sufferers to participate from their iPhones. The study tracks symptom patterns and potential triggers. It is the first in a series of disease-related medical research apps that the School plans to develop.

In April, Schrödinger announced a $120 million collaboration with Sanofi to provide comprehensive computational support, including computer-aided design, for drug design from target analysis and validation to lead identification and optimization for as many as 10 drug discovery programs. New enterprise informatics systems will facilitate real-time collaboration.

Product Introductions

In January, Appistry launched Appistry CloudDx Translational for conducting patient-centered translational research. It was developed in collaboration with NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program software providers, including RURO, Gene42 and Cartagenia.

ACD/Labs released Version 2015 of the ACD/Spectrus and ACD/Percepta cheminformatics software, featuring improved usability.

In February, RURO announced it is now offering SaaS deployment for select products and solutions, including Limfinity.

In February, Process Systems Enterprise released the gCOAS product, codeveloped with Pfizer, for computational oral absorption. It enables the screening of new formulations for performance.

Core Informatics launched Core Collaboration, a private, secure cooperative platform for information sharing, featuring preconfigured application suites.

Certara introduced D360 8.0 for data integration, access, analysis and visualization for early discovery through the clinical phase of drug development. It provides faster time to insight for decision making.

In April, Certara released Cardiac Safety Simulator 2.0, making the platform available as a standalone product. New features include the ability to evaluate up to seven chemical species simultaneously.

iChemLabs introduced in March the ChemStack, a complete solution for delivery of intelligent, enterprise-level chemical systems. It allows for advanced chemical software systems with a focus on chemical structure–search environments.

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