Company Announcements

Genedata announced a collaboration with Bayer Pharma to develop a workflow management system to support the automation of the cell line–development process for mammalian cells used to produce biopharmaceuticals.

In April, ChemAxon appointed Ferenc Csizmadia as CEO. He is the company’s founder and was previously chairman and head of R&D. ChemAxon has 120 employees and 500 corporate customers.

IDBS announced a strategic technology partnership with ChemAxon to integrate ChemAxon’s chemical sciences software into IDBS’s E-WorkBook and ActivityBase.

Biodata announced that its Labguru ELN was integrated with ChemAxon’s Marvin JS platform for chemical structure and reaction support.

Optibrium and ChemAxon announced a collaboration to integrate their respective StarDrop and Plexus software suites.

Optibrium and Certara announced a collaboration to provide their mutual customers with an integrated solution linking their respective StarDrop and D360 platforms.

In April, IBM established the Watson Health business unit and announced that it is collaborating with Apple, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic to create health-based offerings that leverage information collected from personal health, medical and fitness devices. As part of these efforts, IBM established the Watson Health Cloud for physicians, researchers, insurers and others.

In April, Mesterlab Research and Origenis entered to a collaboration to develop a set of physicochemical-property prediction plug-ins for Mesterlab’s software products, which Mesterlab will market.

In April, Dotmatics opened an office in Japan. Dotmatics maintains a relationship with Infocom, its current Japanese distributor.

Product Introductions

In April, Genedata launched Profiler, an open, interoperable enterprise software platform designed to facilitate efficient patient and compound profiling processes by processing, managing and analyzing large data sets that include genomic and phenotypic information.

Genedata released in May the Biologics 5.0 enterprise solution for biologics R&D, featuring new tools for antibody optimization workflows for standard and novel antibody formats.

In April, Simulations Plus released GastroPlus 9.0 for preclinical and early clinical trial simulation and modeling analysis. Enhancements include the ability to simulate the absorption and distribution of biologics and the ability to simulate dosing to the skin.

ERA launched in May the eDATA 2.0 Proficiency Testing portal for environmental labs to manage their proficiency testing data more efficiently. It features statistical analysis, data visualization and reporting tools.

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