More biotechnology companies are going public in Europe. Last year, 15 firms went public on the continent’s 15 most important stock exchanges, up from 5 in 2013. These companies raised an average of €48 million ($64 million), a 303.4% increase from the average amount raised in 2013. In total, the new listings raised €719.8 million. One hundred follow-on financings were completed last year by European public biotech companies, raising €1,656.5 million, a 9.7% decrease. The average follow-on financing fell 19.4% to €16.6 million. Between 2009 and 2014, 42 European biotech companies completed IPOs on the 15 stock exchanges, raising a total of € 1.02 billion. Currently, 150 biotech firms are listed. In terms of market capitalization, 51% are nano cap companies and 21% are micro cap companies. By field, 79% are health/medicine companies and 11% are industrial-biotech firms.

Source: BIOCOM

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