According to the “Statistical Communiqué of the People’s Republic of China on the 2014 Economic and Social Development,” 2% of China’s GDP was spent on R&D in 2014, up 12.4% to CNY 1,331.2 billion ($216.2 billion). Fundamental research programs received CNY 62.6 billion ($10.2 billion). Projects implemented under the National Key Technology Research and Development Program, and Hi-tech Research and Development Program numbered 3,997 and 2,129, respectively. There were 27,051 product-inspection laboratories, including 597 national inspection centers, as of year-end 2014, and the number of hospitals reached 25,865. Water-quality monitoring of 702 sections of the 10 major river basins revealed that 71% of sections met Grade I to Grade III standards for surface water, with 9% below Grade V. Ocean water–quality monitoring of 301 offshore stations showed that 67% of water met Grade I to Grade II standards, 7% met Grade III, standards and 27% of water was Grade IV or below. Of 161 cities where air quality was monitored, 90% did not meet standards. In cities, 90% of sewage was treated, rising 3.5%, at a daily capacity of 128.96 m3, up 0.8%.

Source: National Bureau of Statistics

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